Thursday, May 8, 2008

Short Vacation

so this week i am on a short but needed vacation! My dad brought up Sheila's kids last weekend and they spent it with us so on Sunday Hannah and I took them home. We spent two days at Sheila's and then came to Calinente to visit Melissa. Today i will be traveling home thank goodness.. Its hard with Hannah she doesnt like to sleep! But needless to say i loved seeing my sisters and thier families for a couple days.

Monday, February 4, 2008

new year

just thought i would up-date my bogger. Justin got a new job he is now working at the sufco mine in salina canyon. he is on the maintance crew he works out in the shop and waits for stuff to break down! Hannah is getting really big she is now walking and running around and of course getting into EVERYTHING!!! but i love her. i am working at the monroe market right now just 4 hours a day so its not bad gets me out of the house but not for too long! thats about it that is new!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


hello everyone i thought that since melissa is doing such a cute job at updating everyone on whats going on in her life that i could try and do the same. life here is about the same. justin is back to hard work on the coal haul after the long wall move so the vacation was nice but it was nice to send him back to work too! i have been working weekends at lovely jb's for the past few weeks and i am glad that it will go back to my normal after my boss hires some more employees! Hannah is a lil busy body. she loves to sing and dance. she isnt walking yet but when she starts im sure she will be running not walking! Our little family seems content right now but isnt that what everyone says and then they find out they are going to be adding one more.. (hopefully not us!)